Major MFA malfunction and absolutely abysmal technical support

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I have been trying to get into my O365 admin portal for about 5 days now and I cannot authenticate due to the MFA calling a phone number of someone who is no longer with our company. I've been told 5 days ago that I should be contacted by the data security team, but still I have not got a phone call.


Today I tried calling O365 support via phone and only have been met with silence on the other end of the line after waiting for a half hour on hold the first time I called. When I again called back and waited another hour on hold, I was only met with "we will have the data protection team call you back". This is absolutely not acceptable and would have expected more from Microsoft.


The MFA feature appeared to be turned on when I enabled self-service password resets, without realizing that it would completely break the usage of the service. You would think that Microsoft would have had you verify the MFA details before just switching this feature on for an account? This is an extremely frustrating feature implementation and is driving me to just outright cancel my contract with Microsoft, not that anyone would actually care...


What can I do to verify my ownership to this tenant so that I do not need to go even longer without being able to access my account? If somebody from Microsoft can send me a PM I can provide all necessary details.

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