MailboxFolder permission vs Full Access and Send As


Hi All,


I just want to clarify something regarding delegating shared mailbox and giving Full access and Send as in EAC.


I have a user that delegate the shared mailbox inbox and giving the user an Owner rights for the Inbox. If this is the case, do the user that is delegated can send an email to the mailbox? If not, am I right that the user can just open emails under the Inbox folder?


For Full Access, am I right that the user that will be assigned a Full Access can access everything not only the Inbox but also the Calendar, etc. I understand that the Full Access can just give view access rights and the user cannot send email unless Send As or Send on Behalf rights is given.\


If this is true, then when do you user mailbox folder delegation and full access on EAC.


Thank you very much for the clarification.




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Neither Full Access nor folder-level give you permissions to send messages, if that's what you need, you'll still need to add Send As or Send on behalf of. The confusion stems from the fact that the Delegate dialog in Outlook will automatically add the Send on behalf of permissions in some scenarios, but if you grant permissions via the Folder properties dialog or PowerShell directly, Send on behalf is not added.