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Hello All,

We are currently looking for F3 mailboxes utilization alerts by PowerShell script only for F3 license mailboxes. Does anyone come across this type of requirement. We have lot of F3 mailboxes where my customer doesn't want to invest in Exchange online archive licenses as it's expensive.


Now we would like to create a script which should scan all the F3 mailboxes and sends the alert to users about their mailbox utilization and create some storage by deleting the older emails to prevent bounce back issues.


Any help really appreciated.



Anand Sunka


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There are plenty such scripts available online, the only thing different here is you care only about F3 mailboxes. Simply add a filter clause to run the script against just said mailboxes.
Hi Vasil Michev,
Trying o search said script but unable to find one?
Can you help me to get one if you dont mind.

Anand Sunka