Mailbox not deleted

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Hello team,


i need to discuss one issue here.

one user who has left the organisation has his mail still active in O365, however no details found in AD  and AAD connect.

how can this happen. if the user is deleted from AD, then it should be deleted from O365

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Is the user deleted from from office 365? Was the user subject to any retention policies?

@adam deltinger 


the mailbox is active and we are getting Out of office reply. and i confirmed with mail team he is not member of any retention policy

@aamirhcl  If mailbox is active , there must be an azure ad account still available. 

@ankit shukla 


we do not have access to azure portal, so cannot confirm that point, however yes it should be available on Azure AD and hence it is available on o365

However the entire point is if it is deleted from On prem AD and not available in AAD connect as wel, then it should have been deleted from Azure AD as well?

Please correct if i am wrong.


Aamir Masthan