Mailbox not appeared in Exchange Onpremise


Hello , 



we have some scripts tourned in our entreprise to create user and mailbox automatically .the problem im new and i dont knhow how theses scripts are used .i  have some user problem connexion through outlook but they can connect with webmail .so when i checked i find that they have a mailbox in O365 but not in EXchange Onpremise.we ahve a hybrid environement .so is there a way to resolve the issue temporary please ?




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Hi Ali,


Does the AD user have mail properties on AD. i.e Exchange Guids, RecipientTypedetails? when using scripts with Office365 please allow time for object to sync before  assigning license on office 365. also if possible share the script being used.

i can not share this script because i dont now where !

AD user have mail properties on AD -->YES

ProxyAdresse and Target Adress are filled manually .

msExch attributes are appeared