Mailbox in Hybrid environment with LitigationHoldEnabled= False but LitigationHoldDuration = Unlim

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I have migrated (remote move) mailboxes from on premise environment to Exchange online. I did not assign the license, but I do not understand   following :

This are attributes that bother me :

LitigationHoldEnabled  : False

LitigationHoldDate     :

LitigationHoldOwner    :

LitigationHoldDuration : Unlimited

RetentionHoldEnabled               : False

RetentionComment                   :

RetentionUrl                       :

RetentionPolicy                    : Recoverable Items move to Archive

InPlaceHolds               : {}

IsInactiveMailbox : False


Should mailbox be automatically disabled after 30 days ?  and from where is coming LitigationHoldDuration unlimited ?



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This value you are seeing is expected and default vaule



The LitigationHoldDuration parameter specifies how long mailbox items are held if the mailbox is placed on litigation hold. The duration is calculated from the date a mailbox item is received or created.

A valid value is an integer that represents the number of days, or the value unlimited. The default value is unlimited, which means items are held indefinitely or until the hold is removed.