Mail received via BCC is not being forwarded

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We have an O365 mailbox that forwards to an external customer. Forwarding works in all cases except for when the O365 mailbox receives a mail via bcc, in which case it does not forward that mail.


Any suggestions?


Edit: I've looked at all the filters for mail flow and none of them will look at the bcc field, which makes sense I suppose, but why isn't there a forwarding rule that just says "Everything that enters this mailbox gets forwarded." 

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Hi Robert,


You can create a rule in OWA ( as below, to redirect all emails to a contact :-



Alternatively you can create a mail contact for the external recipient in ECP and then create a transport rule to forward all emails for that shared mailbox to external recipient.






@DeepakRandhawa   Thank you for the reply. We have a general forwarding rule in place. Everything received is getting forwarded properly unless the mail was received via bcc in which case it does not get forwarded.

Is your general forwarding rule something like the screenshot i have shared. It should, in theory, forward all messages coming to mailbox.
You can also use flow, though I'm not sure about licence requirements for it, if there are any.