Mail is forwarding, but I don't know why

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I'm working with an inherited setup: O365 with Azure AD used to tie into our local AD.


I have an address "" that is forwarding to a vendor at "". I need to to forward to "" instead, but I can't figure out where to make this change. has no licenses assigned in o365 and so doesn't have a mailbox or forwarding rules, the user doesn't exist on our local AD server, it's not a distribution list or group, and I see no mail rules in Exchange admin center that would forward this user's mail, and we have no connectors set up. The user does show up in Azure AD, but I don't see anything related to mail forwarding (and don't expect to).


If I do a mail trace on this address, all mail statuses are "resolved" and I see this under "More information"

"Messages sent to the recipient are being forwarded to the following address.

External address:"


Any ideas for how this thing could be set up?

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Hi, sounds like an outbound spam filter policy is configured. If not verified, you can go here.

If you are getting results in message trace, you obviously have some recipient object for said address within the tenant. Use Get-Recipient to find the matching object and check its properties for forwarding. Running a Detailed message trace should give you some additional information as well (Get-MessageTraceDetail).