Lost Command Labels on Quick Access Toolbar

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Prior to the latest update of O365 the command labels were shown with the icons on the Quick Access Toolbar. When I search this in the Help (for Outlook 365), the results show me, in the drop down box where you can Hide the Labels but that option doesn't exist for me anymore. 


So did this feature get removed with the latest update?



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@gzt7d8I'm having the same problem in Excel--on one computer.  The other computer is fine.  Both are on the same version of Office 365, as far as I can tell.  Hopefully someone at Microsoft can reply with a fix.

I have the same problem and hope to get a solution. Each computer has Microsoft 365. I tried reinstalling and that did not fix.

I have the same issue. Any resolution yet?



I have not received a solution yet.  @jrichardsonmainemedia 

@gzt7d8O365, same license, two different CPUs in the same office.  I HAVE the labels on my Excel QAT because I put them there - back when O365 was first installed. Don't remember what I did to get them.  Today, trying to do the same on the computer of the person who'll succeed me after retirement - can NOT find the option anywhere.


Seems to be a simple enough function - on or off. WAS it removed and, if so, WHY?


n.b.  In one week, I won't care any more.

@EC_DOD_CC, did you ever find an answer for this? I am a document developer and really need the command labels to show!! 

@ShannaMalachin I have not found a solution.  

@bearcreek, boooooo! Thank you for letting me know. 

I'm also having the same problem and have not found a solution.
One computer is able to show the command labels, but the other is not.

Hello, @gzt7d8, your issue is connected to the new Office 365 update. Here is how to return your Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) to the previous regular place.


Firstly, switch the Quick Access Toolbar on. It is hard to find it, as it is now in the drop-down menu near the right border of the ribbon. Then select “Show Quick Access Toolbar,” and it will appear, but it will appear under the ribbon.


Next, what you should do is put the QAT in its usual place. To do that, choose Customize Quick Access Toolbar one more time and select “Show Above the Ribbon”. Please, see the step-by-step guide with screenshots, it will make the process more understandable. 


By the way, new Office 365 updates can cause data loss problems sometimes, so, please make sure you have verified Office 365 backup software, click here for more info.



The question relates to the fact that the "Show Command Labels" and "Always show command labels" options are missing.

Also see https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/all/command-labels-on-quick-access-toolbar/31c1c8...

Many users are experiencing the same issue. Some of their computers have those options but some do not have them even if they are running the same version of Office.



Has anyone found a solution to this issue? @DennisASW 



At the top right of the bar above the ribbon, there is a horn (with a tip) promoting "New features. Try it now", click on the horn, it will show something like a Help panel, scroll down and there is a switch:

"Try the new experience Off (O__)" just click to turn it "(__O) On".

You will need to restart the Excel, the labels will be shown by default and the option to hide them is at the QAT menu.


WARNING: the default green bar will disappear, everything will become (very pallid) grey by the default in latest versions of 365, I didn't like it, so I am thinking to have everything back (green, no labels) turning the switch off, or I will try some other solution besides UXing the entire Excel.


I hope this helps, please advise if it doesn't. Good luck


This was the answer for me, but I was running around in circles trying to work it out.


Note to anyone having trouble with the above instructions: You have to do this in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or OneNote. It cannot be done from Outlook as it has a different "Coming Soon" option.


Rest assured, changing this in one of the other applications will also cause Outlook to be updated as well.


Found the answer in the below announcement:



To change the background color and design of all your Office programs, go to File >> Options >> General >> Office Theme: [ Colorful v]
And all default colors are back again: Excel green, Powerpoint red, Word blue