Looking for a solution for shared calendar notifications

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We would like to setup an event calendar so that whenever someone posts a new event, all the members of a particular group receive notifications.  The use case is the following:


- many people can insert events in the calendar (and modify them later on)

- a sub-group of people receive notifications whenever something "changes" in the calendar

- that same sub-group can also modify an input entries in the calendar


So far we tried to do this with an outlook shared calendar, but there does not seem to be any way to setup "calendar notifications".


The other way we could work is by sharing some "calendar formated" excel file... But that would eb cumbersome, and we don't event know if there is a way to be notified of changed to the file whis way..


Any help would be greatly appreciated

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@clepeterd Hi there, the most obvious thing I would like to suggest is a Office 365 group. At least I get the impression that it hasn't been set up? Please note that it's not enabled by default so the setting needs to be checked during the set up, or configured within the group settings.


"Send copies of group conversations and events to group members if you want members to receive copies of group messages and calendar items in their own inbox."



@ChristianBergstrom Unfortunately, that is not what we want. This has the effect of adding items to both  the group calendar and each individuals in the group.


What we need is something really simple:


We have 2 groups of people:


1- A larger group of people who inserts items in the calendar with a description, in our case it is used to plan IT changes.  


2 - Another group (Change advisory board) who review/approve/reject those items and modify them 


We need group 2 to receive notifications when new items are added/modified/deleted (Only added would be OK) by group 1


If someone has an idea, you are welcome !

@clepeterd Hello again, I notice that the requested behavior is a bit different than the initial post. But still, you can achieve this by using Groups/SPO. It's just a matter of how it's configured. We're actually using the same type of process within our organization where all product owners (such as myself) put in changes in a shared calendar (M365 group calendar) up for approval. Beyond this you can also create a Team and/or use Planner for example, that's how we handle all sort of updates and features coming in my own team, that is before they are up for approval in the SPO group calendar.

@ChristianBergstrom What is an SPO ?


The problem we have actually, is when someone inserts an item in the shared group calendar, if the change advisory board (Group 2) modifies it (Ex: The description of the change, status, etc) and later the original "poster" change it, we lose the change


Does the people who insert have to be in the group, or do they simply have to "invite" the group...


I don't know if you follow me...


I believe you have to do some research about SPO (SharePoint Online), Microsoft 365/Office 365 Groups, Teams and maybe Planner as well. Configured properly your required needs can be met.

Hi @clepeterd, it looks like a proper task for MS  Power Automate flow.