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we're using Microsoft 365 with a Team Exploratory license.


I created users, Teams, channels, etc. to the domain name "".


The first domain name, external to the M365 system, is "".


I would the best solution to:


  1. if I send a mail to, the mail is sent to too;
  2. if I plan a call, I invite only, but the invitation is sent to too.

Thanks in advance!




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I need an answer! Any suggest?



Hi @61Portento.


did you try to use a tranport rule? 

Hi @Victor Ivanidze,


a rule for each user?


Could I create a "backup domain", an "alias domain"?



Hi @61Portento,


no, a rule for domain. Could you show the rule you have tried to create?

Dear @Victor Ivanidze

I have no idea how to do it, I tried to put some conditions but it crashes: can you explain to me what rule I should create? Thanks!

Hi @61Portento, please accept my apologies - I was wrong as it's impossible to do what you want using the transport rules.


You can try to create a custom flow using Power Automate to implement this feature.