list of IP and URL used in downloading Office 365 Pro Plus Updates?

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Any list of IP and URL used in downloading Office 365 Pro Plus Updates, we need to divert internet traffic to separate ISP. we cannot see filters for this in



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I have spent about 15 min trying to find this, thinking I could find the data through my googling skills and have come up blank.


The closest thing I can find is in the IP and URL page, section 93 is listed as Default
Optional Notes: ProPlus: auxiliary URLs, but it lists hostnames not IPs.


Honestly if I was in you shoes, I would open up a premier ticket to see if you could get the information directly from the source. Even if you find a non-microsoft source with the data, the chances that it is up to date and accurate are slim given the turnover microsoft has on their IPs.




I believe it's but it probably varies based on region and entity (government vs educational vs business).


If it's a bandwidth issue you can download the updates once and configure the clients to pull from a local server. See



Got this from ms support:


If you don’t’ want to let user to download office updates from your internal network, we are not recommend to block URL to achieve it, since the activation and installation are also using the URL


You can try to block following URL, because these are the default CDNURl for different update channel. See Manage Office 365 ProPlus with Configuration Manager:


Monthly Channel

(formerly Current Channel):

CDNBaseUrl =


Semi-Annual Channel

(formerly Deferred Channel):

CDNBaseUrl =


Monthly Channel (Targeted)

(formerly First Release for Current Channel):

CDNBaseUrl =


Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted)

(formerly First Release for Deferred Channel):

CDNBaseUrl =


You can use group policy to configure update settings for Office 365 ProPlus: