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Whenever someone in our organisation sends a mail with a link to a file on a local server in it, users working in Outlook 2016 can click the link and the document opens. Users who use Outlook online can click the link but unfortunately nothing happens. 

Is there a way to make sure that O365 users can click the link and open the file as well? 



Thanks in advance!





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I think this is browser-related. It works fine in Edge and probably IE, as well.

For chrome, I use this extension:

You can probably get a similar workaround for other browsers.

Anyway, I found this MS article, which doesn't look very accurate:

I hope it helps.

@Ricardo Viana : Thanks!


When installing this extension, it works (opens in the browser, not in the windows explorer. Strange that it only opens in the browser.)


It doesn't work in Edge or internet explorer though. Maybe I need to find an extension for every browser. Or maybe there's a security setting on the file-server that doesn't allow to open links to local files from a web browser?



yea, It's probably a security setting.

I'm not an expert but I would look into IE options> security>local intranet and verify if the UNC's are checked

Let me know how it goes :)

internet browsers like Chrome, Safari, Edge etc. blocks this due to security reasons.

for google chrome there is an extension called open local files which allows these links to work again


check it out





It works in IE! I changed the security settings and added to the list of trusted sites. It even opens in windows explorer! 


Normally this should work for edge to when changed in ie settings, but that doesn't seem to work. 

Do you know if there's a similar setting in Edge too? 



This is also possible yes but I guess not everyone uses IE.

for IE you can also deploy this with a group policy adding the site to the trusted domains.


but I can imagine that in a company everyone uses a different browser which makes the Chrome solution  a possible solution for those who use it.

for Edge I myself havent found a solution yet. 







I figured out the following: 


In Internet Explorer everything works fine when adding to the trusted sites in internet options. Links to local files all open, even if I don't put the address of the fileserver in the path. 


F.E. The following options work: 





In Edge the first one opens, the second one doesn't. I imported bookmarks from Internet Explorer first in the settings of Microsoft Edge. 


In Chrome I use the link you provided: 

Both Links open, but only in the browser, not in Explorer. 
In Firefox, I used an add-on called 'Local Filesystem Links'.
You can find it here:
Only the first link opens, in Windows Explorer. 
The problem will be deploying all these different add-ins and settings to 200 pc's. And also instructing people to use the correct path including the servername as stated above. Only Internet Explorer acts normal, I think ;) 
If there's a better or quicker way to make this work the same on all browsers, that would be a lot easier. So please let me know if you find an easier way... I would appreciate it very much.