Limit scope of eDiscovery search capability for case members

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I am in the process of developing the 365 eDiscovery capability for my organisation and have a few problems that I was hoping for support with.


  1. Is it possible to limit what sites/users that certain eDiscovery managers are able to search? (e.g. Department A cannot search within Department B's users/sites, etc. and vice versa)

  2. Is it possible to limit case member's searches to only search within the scope of the Holds placed for that case? (e.g. I put a Hold on User 1, 2 and 3 mailbox and on Teams Site X - case members can only search for content within this Hold)

Many thanks.

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You can configure Compliance security filters as detailed here:
There's no way to limit the search to just content on hold afaik, but @Tony Redmond might be able to prove me wrong.

@Vasil Michev AFAIK, there's no way to restrict a search to just held content. In any case, you probably wouldn't want to do this because then you'd run the risk of missing something important.