Licensing Required for DLP policies?

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Hello. I have a client who has about 10 users on Business Premium and would like to start using some DLP policies. They need all of the Office suite, so I'm guessing the lowest SKU they can go with is E3. My question is whether all 10 users would have to upgrade to E3 or can it just be the admin to create the policies and assign them to locations?


Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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Hi! Yeah E3 which includes exchange online plan 2

See here:

AFAIK dlp in Teams requires E5 or advanced compliance

Thanks @adam deltinger - my larger question is 'does everyone need to be on E3 or can it just be the admin?'

Oh, sorry! To also answer your real question :) , all users utilizing the dlp features needs licensing

@adam deltinger  Files are covered under the E3 license just like SharePoint Online. Chat/message DLP, where you probably need it the most, is an E5/Advanced license as you mention.


Licensing is getting too complicated.

Yeah, maybe I was a bit unclear! Mail and docs - E3 / messaging - E5!

It requires to much brainpower to remember it all soon

@adam deltinger 

This changed correct? Now E1 is also included for exchange, sharepoint and onedrive and in E3 is now teams included - according to this: Data loss prevention and Microsoft Teams - Microsoft 365 Compliance | Microsoft Docs