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Hi one of my user has left the company and user is disabled in AD.

The user was having PowerBI(pro) license, when i look into Admin center i cannot see the user in deleted users not active users. my question is if user is disabled will the PowerBI license be released automatically.

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Hai Rising,

I think your organization setup is like on-premise AD and with office 365 subscription. if it then if you disable the account in AD means, the user cant able to login into the office 365 services as well. But if you did not revoke the license means, yes license is still active.

License part is separate and AD part is separate. if the users is disabled in AD means, he cant log into the federated services also. its does not mean that license is revoked.
Yahkoob A

when i delete the user in AD , will the license be revoked

Looks like you are talking about Federated environment where AD account is on-premise and same is replicated to O365 via Azure AD Connect tool. In this case, when you disable or delete AD user account the same is replicated to cloud (O365) and the user goes into soft-deleted state. But the license is still attached to account. You either wait for 30 days until the account is completely deleted from retention period or you manually unassign the license from the user account.

Yes, account will be active in Azure AD for 30 minutes (Sync Time) and once the account got deleted in AD, it will revoke mapped office 365 license as well.