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 We have an on-premise DC, ADFS, and DC sync with Office 365 for email. We have an Exchange 2010 server, which was our mail server. Due to EOL  and free Exchange 2016 License, Trying to set up a new Exchange 2016 in our AWS.  we have few DC's and ADFS servers in AWS too. So I have a few questions to clarify.


  1. Can I run the HCW in AWS Server and Licence the Exchange? will the AWS license model support it? 

  2.  We need this exchange 2016 server for  SMTP relay for our on-premise devices ( Printers, UPS, applications) So setting up Exchange in AWS is causes any issues?



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You can run Exchange 2016 on AWS as per - - so running a Hybrid server within AWS I don't imagine will be a problem.

@PeterRising  Our Exchange 2010 is not on Software Assurance? 


Can I bring in my own licenses for use on AWS?

Yes. We have many customers that have successfully brought in and deployed licenses on Amazon EC2. These deployments include, but are not limited to, Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business, Remote Desktop Services, Office, Dynamics products, BizTalk, and System Center.

Customers can choose to use shared EC2 instances and utilize License Mobility or they can purchase EC2 Dedicated Hosts and utilize physically dedicated hardware.

  • Amazon EC2 instances with a default tenancy
    License Mobility through Software Assurance allows qualifying customers to bring in eligible Microsoft software onto AWS default tenancy servers. The AWS License Mobility Page is a great place to start the process. You will need to fill out the appropriate License Mobility forms and file them with Microsoft to ensure that the licenses are able to be imported into AWS.
  • Amazon EC2 Dedicated Host
    EC2 Dedicated Hosts allow customers to bring licenses that do not qualify for License Mobility or that do not have active Software Assurance. When you bring existing licenses to EC2 Dedicated Hosts, you are using hardware that is physically dedicated to your use. For more information on bringing licenses without Software Assurance or License Mobility benefits, please see this section of the FAQ. Please visit the Dedicated Hosts detail page for more information on Dedicated Hosts.