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What is the best way of capturing a team of 50 users leave and display on a SharePoint page.

The core reason is to have visibility of where users are, the options for leave will be holiday, WFH or sick.

We are using SPO Modern - currently not using groups due to the permissions not being editable from edit to contribute.

Any suggestions how I achieve the above, I don't believe any approval is required - rather it's so each team member can see the where everyone is.



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The events app/list works fine we use it. You can customize the category column to have the options of type of leave. And if you have to have a calendar view, you can use the classic view to view the calendar. Been using it for years for this exact purpose.

@Chris Webb 

I ended up going with using the OOTB Calendar and customised it with some colours using Calendars Overlay , although i noticed when adding the events webpart on a page, i cannot get the correct values to display, thus making the webpart non-functional, did you come across this issue with SPO Modern when using the events app?