Learning Programs in Office 365

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Hello! I want to become a personal assistant. I must learn Microsoft Office up to the level of Intermediate. This would be excel, access, word, powerpoint. I want to know what programs I can buy that will teach me how to operate each one? Remember how they used to give us computer games to play and learn microsoft office programs to? It was fun. Something like that would be nice. Do you know of any programs? Even if they are not games, any program that will teach me the different systems so I can learn to an intermediate level. The people at microsoft told me to look at free tutuorials online but i don't want to read i want to interact and learn. That would be better for me. Please email me directly with the response at genekellyismine25@gmail.com! Thank you :D . 

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There are plenty of video tutorials online, which you can complement into something more interactive by signing up for a free trial of Office 365 and play with the apps themselves.