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This is for the MS Office 365 development team...


My company just pushed the latest version of Office 365 across and even though I like the overall changes, there is something that the MS development team needs to fix.


I normally set my Office Theme to Black for vision purposes.  With the new version, the colors of icons in Outlook for reminders, importance and attachments were changed.  The problem is with the attachment icon.  It was set to a dark grey... too dark that it nearly blends in with the background which makes it nearly impossible to see.  It used to be a much lighter grey which worked well with the Black theme.


Can you please fix this as soon as possible?



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@Derek Newton I'll forward it to some folks, hopefully they can pass it along to the right people. In case you haven't done so already, make sure to also submit this via the Feedback button in Office.


Great… Much appreciated!