Latest Excel Update for the Ribbon, Font Drop Down, Please Change!

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I use Excel every day, and i use the fill, change fill color, change font size, etc.. option every day, all the time.  Whatever the latest update with excel, when not in expanded window mode, the font now has a drop down menu instead of always displaying the font options.  I've tried to customize the ribbon to allow it to always show the font options, but there is no option.  I contacted Microsoft Support and they said there's nothing that can be done, but to leave feedback, which I did.  Look, I don't complain too much about updates and changes, as normally, I will adjust, but this is really going to kick my butt here, having to go up and click a drop down every time i want to change a font size, font color, fill color or just to click fill.  Please provide a way to always display these options on the ribbon, when not in expanded window mode (for example, i have an excel window open on the right side of my screen and a browser in the left side of the screen.  I can't be the only one who uses these options so regularly that having to click a drop down every time is basically breaking excel for me!  Please help!

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@cday22 I had this problem too. The solution is in the response to this previous question:


For those in the future if / when the link no longer works, the answer is to turn off "Touch Mode" (via Options --> Quick Access Toolbar --> Touch/Mouse Mode --> add to Quick Access Menu)


It's bizarre (and annoying) that MS have defaulted to 'touch' over 'mouse' in a desktop spreadsheet application.

I found it a pain too. I frequently have two Excel files side by side on my screen and need to use the font options. However the recent ribbon change gives us a single icon with a dropdown to use the features I want. I ended up creating a new customised ribbon section containing the missing icons which I can click without having to use the dropdown.