Large Number of Messages going to the junk mailbox.


Hey Team, 


We have an issue where a very large number of messages are going to junk mailbox. For Example: 


July 10th - 11th - 


  • Total Messages received: 
  • 443,515 
  • Total Messages To Junk: 
  • 105,285
  • Total Messages to Quarantine: 
  • 22,241

When checking the above messages (As best i can) a large number of them have an SCL value of 9, so they are placed into the HC spam quarantine, which means our users cannot released the. 


Beyond the Quarantine count, the number of messages that are going into Junk is alamaring, spot checking over the last month it seems to be about the same extremely high number, 20-30 % o our emails should not be junked. 


Any ideas on how i might tackle this issue? I've tried opening cases with Microsoft support for this, but unfortunately all they  suggest is to submit samples. That might work on a message, by message basis, but not for a large scale problem like this. 


Does any one know of a way to report the message SCL value, using PowerShell or Explorer? The old exchange cmdlets don't seem to work for Exchange Online. Interestingly enough in explorer i am able to report the Phish Confidence Level, just not the SCL Level. 





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