Issues with O365 Outlook Calendar Invite Description

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Some of my end users are having issues when they send out an outlook invite. The will type a description in the initial invite and it goes out just fine. However when they need to edit the invite to add people or update information in the description, the description is completely deleted from the invite and removed from all users calendar invite as well. Has anyone else seen this or know how to fix it? Affecting both webapp and fat client users. 

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Yes I am having the same issue @BionicSoldier59. Exactly as you described it. We use the calendar to schedule work jobs for a mobile team using a mixture of categories and charms.  Often the categories and charms don't stick and have to be reapplied multiple times. Now the descriptions disappear after an edit.  


How am I supposed to run a cloud based setup when I cant even have confidence in the products that are supposed to record the information. Everything has to be first written into a pad just in case it does not save. Pffft... 


We only use browser based applications. Can someone confirm a bug, a fix, anything? How do I know where the problem has come from and if it is being addressed? 



Re: @BionicSoldier59 

I would like to report the same issue with outlook calendar. The description in the events is deleted randomly.