Issue with screen distortion on my laptop monitor (which is my secondary monitor)

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I'm using Office 365 for work purposes and am having an issue with screen distortion on one of my monitors (screenshot attached).

Excel display issue.jpg


The setup is as follows:

I have my laptop and an external monitor connected to that, via an HDMI cable. The external monitor is set up as my main display


I am getting the distortion on my laptop monitor. It often happens when clicking from my main (external) monitor to my laptop monitor but also happens when just clicking around on Excel (or word/PowerPoint).


I've noticed it happened in Excel, Word and PowerPoint. My Office 365 version is 18.2008.12711.0 and my excel version is 16.0.13127.20266 32bit.


How can I get rid of this distortion as it is distracting when trying to work.



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