Issue with New Admin Center group add view


The new view with Radio buttons when trying to add a group to a users account is horrible. If I try to add a user to a group I can only do it one time. I can only add one group at a time because it is a radio button and you can not add multiple. Can we get this fixed immediately or reverted? I know I can add DLs and stuff via powershell but I could add a user to a 100 groups at one time by clicking through the menu before. Limiting it to one add at a time seems extremely cumbersome. 

Using Windows 10 Enterprise. Chrome Version 87.0.4280.141 active users tab. Open user. Right hand menu. manage groups. Also tried Edge. Same issue. Can only add a user to one group at a time. 


View changed last week, I am guessing as part of an update. Very Very limiting you can only add one group at a time now.   

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Hm, interesting, I do see them as circles, similar to radio buttons, but I can still multi-select. It might be that the update hasnt hit my tenant or such, but in any case you can leave feedback directly to the team by using the corresponding button on the lower right on said page. Apparently they read every piece of feedback they get over this channel :)