Issue attaching files from SharePoint to Outlook

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Good morning,


I'm having an issue when attaching files from SharePoint (2010 Webdav Path) to Outlook.


What I have found out is:

  • It only happens when the Path (WebDav) contains mutation characters like ü, ä, é etc.
  • It only happens when attaching files using the "Attach file" button in a Mail. When you drag/drop the file directly to the mail it does not happen

When attaching a file Outlook asks to attach a copy or use a link. When select "copy" then the error message in Outlook is something like "Failed to download file ... <Filename> could not be downloaded" in German "Fehler beim Download. ... <Dateiname> kann nicht heruntergeladen werden".


I'm using Microsoft Office Semi Annual Channel in the current Version 1902 Build 11328.20420


Does someone else have those issues too or does someone has an idea to solve the issue?


Best regards,


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At first glance this looks like a browser issue. Did you use Chrome or IE? @tlinnepe 

neither of both. I have the path to the document library mapped by a network drive. I‘m using the WebDAV Path \\\department\docs where the department is the site collection. And it has worked before. @Paras Dodhia