Is my Exchange hybrid environment working properly?

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I managed to set up our Exchange hybrid environment (Exchange 2016 on-premise) and it seems to be working OK.  I can migrate users from on-prem to cloud, send messages between them, etc.


The only thing I'm not sure about is viewing the mailboxes at both sides.  When I open my on-premise ECP I can see all mailboxes, on-premise and cloud.  However, in the Exchange Online control panel I can't see the on-premise mailboxes, just the ones that have been migrated.


Is that correct, is that the desired behaviour?  Or is something not working and I should see the on-premise mailboxes in Exchange Online?


Thanks in advance.

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That's the expected behavior, the on-premises mailboxes are represented by Mail user objects in ExO, so you can find the corresponding entry under said tab.