Is it time to unleash your inner entrepreneur?


In a few weeks we will be opening Collab365 MicroJobs - our new dedicated Microsoft Freelancer marketplace. I've spent a few hours outlining how the idea came about and also explained our goal.

We think MicroJobs is going to be a "game changer". It's going to solve the ever growing problem that companies simply cannot keep up with the sheer number of releases from Microsoft. Companies now desperately need help fast but, often only in short bursts.


For the budding Freelancers out there, you can choose when and where you want to work and sell something your skilled at over and over again. No more learning the entire technology stack!

We're already live to Freelancers, meaning you can sign up TODAY and post your MicroJob. This way when we launch your MicroJobs you won't miss out on being seen by 1000s of buyers.


Read the article below to find out :

  • What our goal is (it might not be what you expect)
  • How to become a Freelancer on the new marketplace.

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