IRM-Protected Messages percentage out of all emails in the organisation

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We are working on the feature which will be decrypting the RMS Encrypted messages from Office 365.

We have one performance related question in order to test our decryption capabilities in customer look like scenarios.

We would like to know, what could be the percentage of encrypted emails out of all emails in an organization per day/month/year?

Thanks for your help in advance!
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Hello @Abhishek Shinde,


I do not know of a number to give you as an estimate as its going to vary with each client depending on who they are interacting with, what industry they are in etc.

If your client is a health care org, they may receive a huge % of their mail as encrypted, verses a basic retail shop which may receive little to non.

If you are doing this through exchange transport rules, you could turn on auditing, which would then capture every time the transport rule was flagged.

That could give you a real time count of how many times a message was decrypted, but again this only works if you are using a transport rule.

Could you provide more context to your question? If I have not addressed it, I would love to try to help more but I am unsure that I am following your specific request accurately.



Thanks Adam! You got the context of my use case correctly. Your answer gives the clue it varies based on the industry. We may need to collect this data from our customers then by enabling the auditing on the transport rule. However, I would love to hear the real time numbers if anyone has OME enabled in their environment and the percentage of encrypted emails respect to their business domain. The average number will help me to carry my performance test in customer look like environment.