Introducing Microsoft Stream!


It seems Office 365 Video will be converged into Microsoft Stream when Microsoft Stream will reach GA.



Introducing Microsoft Stream

What Microsoft Stream means to Office 365


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Very excited to see this go into public preview.


I hope that the product team will continue be as amazingly responsive and diligent in incorporating customer feedback as @Marc Mroz has been for Office 365 Video.


Most excited about the ability to incorporate video into workflows. This is exactly what has been missing for so many years for on demand context sentive training.


Think the discovery aspects of floating relevant content up to you as well as having one place for live video and recordings makes this new service have incredible potentital!


Same here! I heard @Marc Mroz is still involved, so that will probably stay as amazing as it used to be! :)

The ability to expose relevant video content through search within a video will be very useful

@Daniel Laskewitz @Naomi Moneypenny - Thanks so much for the kind words. Yes we have the same engineering team building and owning O365 Video and Stream. So I'll be working on Stream and O365 Video both untill we make them fully one thing.


In O365 Video and in Stream we will always strive to be feedback driven and listen to all of you and make sure we build things that are useful and needed by our customers.

As much as like the idea of this feature, if you are going to introduce it into  there should be some admin controls available and also a warning that you are going to be releasing this. I don't like the idea that I can remove a users license and yet they can still access the feature and share video content without our knowledge. The sooner that this integrated in to O365 Video where it can be controlled the better.

Hi all, hi @Marc Mroz, great to see that the video space is evolving in this direction.

For what concerns the security concerns I had few weeks ago (posted here in the old Yammer network), is the new Stream platform addressing these needs as well? Will it also have the possibility for the end users to perform offline viewing (maybe through an ad-hoc mobile app)?


While we have O365 Video we have not used it yet.  Can someone tell me what is O365 Video (a platform to share videos?) and what is Stream?


It seems like people are really excited, but I am not getting the full picture (I read both links).


We are going to start using video more and more for training and other communications, so I am quite interested.



Does Microsoft Stream support .mp4 file format?  I have not been able to find it listed. Is there some reason why not, I thought this was a common format. I use the site Animoto and that is the format it outputs.


Edit: I found it listed as a valid format, but am getting an error on an uploaded video:


video play error.jpg



Error happens on Mac Safari browser, but plays fine on Mac Chrome.  I'm not going to worry about it for now.

Looks like a bug in playback on our player in Stream. I know we are tracking down some bugs with Mac Safari. Stream specific community forum is here:

Thanks Marc... so many forums!


What in short is the difference between O365 Video and Microsoft Stream?  

Yeah lots of forums to read/follow.


In short O365 Video vs Stream...

We started Stream to be able to have an enterprise video offering from Microsoft for those customers who aren't ready to purchase enterprise suite licenses for O365.



Stream is in preview only but has a few cool features not yet in O365 Video: Watch list, like, #hash tags, videos can be in multiple channels, permissions at the video level (not at channel level)


O365 Video is generally available and has other features not yet in Stream: Portal/channel curation, video statistics (view/visitor trend and which part of video viewed), IT Admin controls, O365 Tier C compliance, videos show up in enterprise search, videos show up in Delve, videos/channels on SharePoint Home and SP Mobile App, public REST API.


Over the course of time we'll converge O365 Video and Stream to have one solution. Right now they are both built on top of Azure Media Services but their mid-tiers are different technologies. We need to build feature, admin, compliance, and O365 integration parity into our converged solution first. 


For now we still want all our current and future customers who have E/A/G licenses to continue (and start) using O365 Video. If/when we need to do some sort of migration we'll take care of everything for you as painlessly and seamlessly as possible. It should feel more like O365 Vidoe just got renamed to Stream and got new UI/features and iterated than anything else. Videos, metadata, stats, links, embed codes will continue to keep working in our converged solution.

Great answer, thank you for participating here!