Integrate office 365 users with on-premise active directory

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I would like to know that whether there a way to integrate Office 365 users with the on-premises active directory, with both having different domains. The on-premises active directory has the domain, for e.g. XYZ.COM whereas the domain integrated with Office 365 is XYZABC.COM. We are using the latter domain for our emails.

Now, I would like to know whether is it possible to integrate Office 365 with the local on-premises active directory, so that the clients can login (either PC or email server) with a single sign-in.

Seeing the difference in both the doamins, kindly advise what options do I have and what shall be required to complete this.


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You could either add the 365 domain as a UPN in AD , apply it to users and sync your users to 365! They will be matched!

Otherwise add the AD domain to 365 change the UPN and sync users! Keep the old mail address as alias

Simply add an additional UPN suffix to your domain, update the UPNs of any users you want to have SSO experience, then install AAD Connect and configure the corresponding auth method.