Installing Office 365 on a laptop with multiple users

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I have a client with Office 365 (office 365 Enterprise E3) with the apps installed on a desktop in the office. The client has a personal laptop and wants the same on that laptop but the laptop has two other users. The laptop users each have individual local logins on the laptop. Is there a way to install the office apps on that laptop for the client without the other two users having access to the Office apps (including the associated OneDrive) ? Thanks

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I am pretty sure that Applocker is the way to go here and prevent the other two users from opening the apps on the shared machine

Best, Chris
Would it matter because the other profiles would need to login to office using an office 365 account? For example the onedrive for the other profiles wouldn’t be setup! If they don’t have an account they wouldn’t be able to use it!
Hmmm possibly if they are not using Office 365 or are not on a SKU with Office and OneDrive. Yet applocker controls the whole app experience on the shared machine and gives the admin assurances that the apps can’t be used on that machine under any circumstances. What if the other users went and setup other 365 tenants?

Best, Chris
Ok, I get what you mean :) but is the issue about utilizing the apps from the granted users account and access that users files via onedrive, and maybe also use for example word on the license of the other user, Or is the issue that the other users absolutely must not use any office apps whatsoever, even with an own license/account?
1 scenario, no worry
2nd scenario - I’ll go with @Chris Hoard
For sure, I’ll guess we’ll see when @gafthehorse responds ;D
Office is user licensed based, so the other accounts shouldn't be able to access the application. As for OneDrive, same deal, UNLESS that person sync's OneDrive locally. Then if those user accounts local on that machine have admin rights. They will be able to access those synced documents on that users profile. You would have to see if some kind of folder encryption would work in conjunction with OneDrive to keep admins from seeing files saved down to the local machine.
Hi Chris

Thanks to all for spending the time in replying, much appreciated. I will have a look at he Applocker and let you know how I get on. All the best from the sunny west coast (NOT) of Scotland..:-)