Incomplete SPF record for O365?


I've an odd email SPF issue.  I'm receiving email from an organisation with O365 hosted mailboxes to an organisation not hosted in O365.  The non-O365 organisation is correctly rejecting quite a lot of the O365 organisations email due to an SPF fail.  The SPF record for the O365 organisation correctly references but the emails being rejected are coming from Microsoft owned IP addresses that are outside the range of the addresses listed for  The common theme is the SPF rejected emails all appear to be affecting O365 mailboxes that have an auto-forward to the non-O365 organisation.  I initially thought it was an issue with Sender Rewriting Scheme, but the fact remains that email is coming from a Microsoft ip address outside the range defined by  An example of one of the ip addresses that suffers the SPF fail  is (  Other email, not autoforwarded but just sent from the O365 organisation, is accepted as it is sent from MS ip addresses inside the range defined by


From what I can tell, this means the O365 SPF range is not covering the full range of IP addresses that O365 sends email from, which ought to be corrected by Microsoft.  


Any thoughts welcome.


Regards, V.

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You are correct - that is a problem! You will need to open a support case to have Microsoft fix that (this forum won't get you there).

@vbloke Did you ever get a resolution to this?  I'm seeing similar behavior with some of my emails failing SPF validation even though they come from a valid Microsoft IP address.  Just hoping to share in your experience.