In Word 365, keyboard has become hyper-sensitive and difficult to control.

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When typing in Word 365, the cursor has always tended to jump to another line or paragraph on its own, which is frustrating, but now when I try to insert the cursor at a point, it blocks the whole paragraph and doesn't want to let it go. If I want to block a single word, I have to click on it several times to get any action and then it blocks the entire paragraph. For example, I just clicked once at the end of "paragraph" in the last sentence to add a period, and it blocked the whole paragraph. I'm an editor, this is wasting my time and patience. Is there some way to somewhat de-sensitize the keyboard? HELP!

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Hi @KGil7512,

I would first try a repair on Office which you can follow with this guide here

Does it happen on just your machine? Or other in your organisation? Does it happen with other apps or just Word? Let me know how the repair goes.

Best, Chris
Are you sure this applies to Office applications only?