Impossible travel to atypical locations

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Hi there,

I have just started working with protection and Azure Security Center and I have just found some problems. I am constantly getting the "Impossible Travel Alert" even when the users are still in the same location. Are there specific situations where false positives can arise?

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Hi @wmorais,


You can have several situations, a VPN, a Wifi Connection or a piece of software for example in your phone that the outbound of your Internet connection is outside and far from your location. 

Hi @Nuno,
Thanks a lot for the reply. Do the above scenarios occur even when the person is still in the building. I have got cases where people have not even left their offices and most of them do not have access to VPN connections.

Hi @wmorais,


If that users do not left the business, did not connect to other networks and does not have an VPN, the user maybe is compromised their credentials, or gave access to an app that can login on their behalf.