Importing Outlook 2010 pst files

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Hi.  I am really confused about this Office 365. I believe it's entirely web based????  If so, how in the world can I import the .pst?  I have about 10-12 of them.   I did have Office 2010 loaded but I have since uninstalled it just after I installed 365.  Is that a mistake?


I am overwhelmed. 

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Who is your mailbox provider and how were you accessing your mailbox previously? The desktop Office 365 suite should generally speaking have no issues connecting to your mailbox and/or importing PSTs to it, but without knowing the details we can only guess.

@Vasil Michev 

Previously used Office Outlook 2010. Not using Exchange. And mailbox is set up using POP for all 10 email accounts.  The Office 365 is web based because when I open the Outlook mail. it opens it in a browser.  Note: my Office  365 is a subscription service and I cannot find anything anywhere that will allow me to import my .pst files. Wondering if I still need to stand alone copy of Office (2019?).


Seriously, I am clueless.  In the past, I could setup a copy of 2019 or earlier and I could do it with no problems but with this Office 365, it is a different concept that I do not understand yet.

"Office 365" can mean two things - the set of cloud services, which include access to a mailbox among other things, or the desktop suite of Office applications (Word, Excel, etc). Only the former comes with a mailbox, the latter is just a license to use the Office suite. It can be confusing I know, blame Microsoft's marketing gurus.


Now, you mention you have 10 POP-based accounts. Who provides those? There might be some specific instructions on connecting those to Outlook 2019, but in general you should have no trouble doing so and/or importing PSTs to them.


If however you've purchased the set of cloud services, you are given a cloud mailbox, which you can indeed access via the web, or configure in clients. If you use the web version, there is no way to import PST files to it. You will need the desktop Outlook client for that.


Or you can do an import as admin, but that again relies on few assumptions. Here's the documentation:

@Vasil Michev 

Certainly complicated to import. I had my wife revert back to Office 2010 and blow off Office 365 for now until they can simplify the process of importing the .pst files and whatever that I may not be aware of. 

Thanks for you help.