Import csv to a shared calendar

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Hi there,


Does anyone know if it is possilbe to import a csv file into a shared calendar?

And what is the best practice to publish a shared calendar to all our employees?



Bernd van de Sanden


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You can import it via some EWS based script, here's an example one:


Another option is to simply configure the shared mailbox in Outlook and import it there.

Link in not available

@Bernd Sanden van de 

Well I have a problem, when importing CSV calendar into Outlook. I can see/use the option import in Outlook.
File > Open > Import/Export> Import CSV >Select file > Select Calendar import into 

Then the Next button is not available See screen

Edit the csv files and now I can import.
But....Only I can see the items in the SharedMailbox. Not other people with access

Hello, @Bernd Sanden van de, my suggestion is to share the calendar to the shared mailbox. Do these steps log in to the Outlook web app, click options, go to Calendar, and Publish calendar. Then copy the ics link.


Open the shared mailbox by clicking open another mailbox in the Outlook web application. Go to the Calendar page, and right-click My calendars. Open the calendar and launch Type the ics link in the internet calendar box.


Go to Open. In the Outlook client, navigate to the Calendar page. Here on My calendar, go to Add calendar.


From the internet and hit Type the ics link. If you have more questions, check out this article.


Also, read this thread, it also can be helpful. One more suggestion is to acquire knowledge of Microsoft 365 backups and Microsoft Teams backups to keep your information safe in any situation.