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I have 8 Word files that were created on a mac using Word for Mac. They all have the same image of the state of Texas on them. We recently switched to Windows computers. When I open these 8 files in Office on a Windows 10 device, the Texas image is replaced with image from a text book. When I move the same file back to a Mac computer the files open with the correct image. The image that shows up on the windows computer is no where else in the file and does not show up on the Mac. Has anyone else seen this happen?

This is what replaces it on a Windows computer.This is what replaces it on a Windows computer.This is the correct imageThis is the correct image

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Hey @Deleted,


That is strange!



Unfortunately word itself will be less than helpful to try to get to the root of the problem. That is because it does not show you properties if the files once they are added.


I would be interested to know if the file was a local file or pulled from online. If it is local, is there a chance a file with a similar name exists on the windows machine and that is where the resolution is coming from?


A few more tests/steps i would take.


Is this behavior the same for all windows machines?

What does the picture look like on the web? (to me this one is key)


Rather clearly it is resolving a new file rather than manipulating the file that is there.


Let me know if you find anything out. 



Hello Adam,


The file is from Google Drive. The naming scheme that the teacher uses for these are are like;

Unit 1 Test Form A, Unit 1 Test From B, Unit 2 Test Form A ... and so on. All of these files have the image of Texas in them, and all get replaced when opened on a Windows computer.


I have tried opening these files on three different windows computers, and the behavior is the same. 


When I try to view the file in Google Drive the image fails to load. 


Thanks for you help.

Another test I did was to change the file type from DOCX to zip. This allowed to see access the media folder and see what images are saved in it. There is only one image in the folder, and again on the Mac it opens as the Texas map, and on a Win 10 computer it opens as the text book page. I tried attaching the image file, but I cant upload a emf file to this forum.