Idea for Weekly Huddle Dashboard

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I am trying to create a program that will allow users to input what tasks they completed last week and then display those tasks (by person) on a weekly dashboard.


So far I've created a Sharepoint List for the input and then connected it to a power bi to grab the data and display on a dashboard.


Power BI doesn't really seem like the right place to do this, is there any other programs I should be looking at?



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Not sure of the desired output or team size but have you considered planner and using the charts to visualize?

Hi @Jasmine_AZ 
Following 2 visualizations I normally use attached herewith. These both are auto generate visualizations on data. Simply make your data and few clicks will generate these visualizations.

If you are interested to make these visualizations on Excel or Office 365. You can also make same visualizations in Google Sheets as well.

Sample video how to create chart.

Sample sheet contain Crosstab chart

Hope it will help you. If you have any query we can discuss.