I shared my license with family member, but she lost her OneDrive

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I invited my family member to share one of my 6 licenses.  She accepted and installed. Since she already had 365, it was updated and now I am showed as owner on her PC.  That worked.   But then she did not renew her OneDrive which was the older 5GB and now she if over limit and told files will be deleted in several weeks.   How does she get the 1 TB OneDrive amount with my shared license.  How to I fix this.  Thanks/Howard

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Hi @HowardJ 


Please be aware that your shared your O365 account which facilitated the installation and activation of Office Apps on the other computer using your username and password.


The other person can use OneDrive for business, just need to install it and input the email address which has OneDrive for Business enabled, but if this person will login to OneDrive for Business using your O365 account, that person will use/access your OneDrive account and its content, by this mean that you will both use same account, will see all files uploaded to that account, if a person deletes a files it will be deleted for both etc.


The only way that the other person can have a separe OneDrive for  Business is a license assigned with OneDrive for business plan enabled.



Hope this helps!