I need to migrate 1 Office365 user's data to a new tenant. Best way?

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What is the way to migrate 1 Office365 user's data (email, calendar, tasks, files, etc.) to a new tenant. The new tenant account is already setup and receiving new email. I will also eventually need to migrate some calendar data out of O365 Groups and into shared mailbox calendars. I have found several 3rd party software solutions but they all seem to target large numbers of accounts. Also, I'm working off I Mac though I could build up a windows machine with a bit of effort.

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For just one user, do a manual export/import. If you only care about Exchange data, use Outlook to export to PST, then import into the new account. Alternatively, you can configure both mailboxes in Outlook side by side and copy/move items between them as needed.
Thanks, that method is working well for email. How can I see all my calendar items so that I can move them?


Seems the most straightforward for your case becomes to export current mail and calendar and import to the new mailbox by leveraging Outlook

Just use the Ribbon to switch to List view, you will be able to select all items.