I can't open a Macro enable excel and word file

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Please help me fix this problem.

I can't open any excel and word file that has macro features in it.



Please see the picture for the complete error message.error.JPGExcel Makro.JPG 



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@Roxanne26  Is it just these two files or are you not allowed to open any files that contain macros?

Test with some other files as well which also contain macro and if it does not work then it is likely that someone has done some admin has made some setting that restricts its use. You can read more about the topic here. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Enable-or-disable-macros-in-Office-files-12B036FD-D140-4E74...


Have you recently applied the new o365 user security baselines? One of the changes from the 2016 baselines to this one, was the addition of this policy:


User Config > Admin Templates > Excel 2016 > Excel Options > Security
Force File extension to match file type

This is enabled by default through the baseline, this was a gotcha for us. 


The file may also be incorrectly labeled as "from the internet", and even if you have macros enabled, this GPO will override that:


User Config > Admin Templates > Excel 2016 > Excel Options > Security > Trust Center >

Block Macros from running in Office files from the Internet

Last but not least, there's the AMSI GPO, where office will leverage defender to scan macros and block them.

"This behavior can be controlled by Group Policy. In the Group Policy Editor go to the Microsoft Office 2016 template and under Security Settings you should find Scan VBA macros at runtime.  "



Let me know if any of those steps helped!