How to use OneDrive Personal on domain-joined PC

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Is there a way to use OneDrive Personal accounts on domain-joined PC's? I already have OneDrive Business installed and syncing but I want to keep my private stuff in my OneDrive Personal drive. However, when I try to set it up, I click "Update Folders" button, select the folders I want to sync, and then I get this error:



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If no policies are set against it there should be no problem! Try without setting up protected folders though!

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Yeah, that would be strange to have the personal folders setup! But just syncing your personal onedrive should be ok if theres no policy set for this

Thanks, Vasil. So there is no way override this feature and allow someone to sync docs to a personal OneDrive?

Not that I know of. You can open a support case or ask at the comments section of the article, the documentation team usually has direct line with engineering.