how to use a dotx file?

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It seems simple enough - just open it and start writing.

But I find the expandable text boxes being shown there a bit offputting and I find that I have to manually expand them to be able to write more.

So offputting I figure I"m doing it wrong.

The template should be invisible to me shouldn't it?  I just write and it performs?

So I have a dotx file my school insisted I download and use for letters.

How do I use it?  Can anyone help?

p.s.  I now find the text box won't expand to a second page - so I can't even continue a letter. I must have it very wrong.

I'm happy to upload the dotx but there seems no provision.


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Hello, @abrogard, the dotx file is a Microsoft Word template, it consists of the layout, styles, macros, toolbars, and other configurations of the document.


You can open it with Word both in Windows and macOS, you can even upload dotx file to Google Docs, which is a free web and mobile application that allows you to view, edit, save, and convert the document.


To find a full list of the programs to open your dotx file, check this documentation.


If you are an administrator of an Enterprise Microsoft 365 environment, I suggest thinking in advance about your data security.