How to share Outlook or Owa contacts to another user on my organization

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I did not found an way to share Owa contacts to another user on my organization , I know some solutions like distribution list ( or groups) but its not acceptable because also share the e-mails among the users and are just to inside of the organization, another option would be share contact folder , again it's not atend our scenario because it's not work on Outlook Web Application (OWA) as described on documentation:


There is another manner without being via Exchange Server? This feature should be available to exchange online too.

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Sharing of Contacts is only possible for now in Office 365 by using Microsoft Office Outlook client. You can check this link for more details.

What about creating global contacts in your tenant?
I'll check this Juan,thank you!

Yes , I already know about it, I'm  looking for and would like a solution, thx!

So Juan, I saw there this option but it's not our scenario because Global is to everybody, we need something more.. granular, individual to individual.
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There isn't a way to share them user to user that I know of, however you can export and import them to CSV. The benefit of this is your users can manage it on their own, however you (or they) won't have any central administration over the contacts.

If you're feeling particularly old school, you could even create a Public Folder and assign permissions to the required users, though Public Folders seem to be on the way out in favour of Office 365 Groups.

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@Edmar Souza 

This is a major fail by M365.  Such a simple action to share a contact.