How to share meeting room, address book, facility to another Orgairation

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Dear all friend, and experts.


I have a task, from the requirements, I need share somethings as below.



2.Meeting room

3. book ( contacts)


I have found the guide for share calendar, but have not seen for meeting room, address book and facility. Please help me to do that or guide for me how to do that. Thank you so much.


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Lee Nguyen



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1 & 3

Check this guided walkthrough for sharing calendars and contacts:



get-mailbox <room_mailbox> | Set-CalendarProcessing -ProcessExternalMeetingMessages $true



what do you mean by facility? if you mean a resource mailbox, than it would be similar to 2.

Thank you so much :)


Best and regards,

Lee Nguyen

Dear Victor,


Thanks fo your reply

One more question about inter-tenant collaboration office 365.



We have 3 tenant, for simple we called : 1, 2 and 3. In my case 1 and 2 already shared ( calendars, address book, meeting room, and equipment.


Now we have new one is tenant 3. so that, we want tenant 3 will share calendars, address book, meeting room and equipments of itself to other  ( 1 and 2 ).

Please give me some advises for this case and how to do that. 

Thank you so much

Best and regards,

Lee Nguyen