How to setup O365 groups and email for a mix of internal and external receivers?

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For our soccer club I am setting up O365 and I am running into a scenario for which I do not know what the best solution would be.


  • Board and committees get O365 group and teams to work together (e.g. activity committee)
  • Few people of each committee get a O365 login (e.g. as we only have 50 licenses. Other get guest account.
  • Email send to committee has to be send to multiple people including ones with email address of O365 account and others with personal email addresses
  • Email to committee is not the same list as members of a committee team
  • Board has to have access to all committee teams sites


I was thinking of setting it up like this

  • Create O365 group called ActivityCommittee with members board and involved persons (either by O365 login or guest account). Email for group would be like
  • Create mail contacts for external people
  • Create distribution list to forward email to external people as well as O365 accounts


Would this the best way or is there a better solution?


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That should work, and if the users aren't added to the Team with their "desired" email address, you don't have much choice but to create a separate DG anyway.

I have a very similar issue and wanted to know if this worked?