How to setup a Distribution list with custom attributes of data from another application

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Can ayone provide guidance on how to utlize custom attribute in Exchange Admin in conjunction of data from another application?


My goal is to create an distribution list group that encompases specific people from data of another application. 


The conditions I only see in Exchange Admin is:

• Recipient Container
• State or province
• Company
• Department

• Custom Attribute


The other application can only provide data like:

  • Job Title
  • Job Code
  • Business Unit

Can I utilize Custom attributes in Excahnge admin to define these ?


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What you can/should do is populate some of the customAttributeXX that are readily available in Exchange Online. You cannot use custom directory extensions, if that's what you mean.

Job Title can likely be represented by the built-in Title attribute, for the rest, create a mapping to a customattributeXX. I.e. Job Code == customAttribute5, etc. Then, use PowerShell to setup a DG based on said attributes (the UI does not expose them):

New-DynamicDistributionGroup test -RecipientFilter {CustomAttribute5 -eq "123"}