How to set access levels to data Entities based on user group in Office365/AzureAD

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I am looking for a solution to create an internal database with user-friendly interface and with different access levels for different groups of people. 


Powerapps seem like a good option, I would prefer to use model-driven app because it looks like it is faster to make than canvas apps, however, I was not able to figure out how to set edit and view permissions to based on the user.


So, my question is: Is it possible to for example show a subgroup with entity salary to only certain office365 group and another entity - let's say - office equipment to a different group, then, have some subgroups like Employees visible to everyone?

If it is possible, how can that be achieved?

If it isn't possible, do you have any recommendations for alternatives (doesn't have to be part of azure ad) that would allow it? 

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