How to send notification to all team members incase of meeting reschedule in microsoft team

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Dear All,


I am new to Microsoft team , now we had a use case where we have to send notification to team members who are common in meetings which got rescheduled . Let me explain by example as given below
Let us say I have two meetings with name Meet1 and Meet2 


Meet 1 have user A, B and timing is 9AM-10AM 
Meet 2 have user B,C,D and timing is 10AM-11AM


Now I had a scenario where I have to reschedule Meeting meet1 from 9AM - 10:30AM . As user B is common in both meeting his next meeting Meet2 might be affected as it was supposed to start from 10AM.


Problem Statement :


Now after rescheduling meeting meet1 I want to send notification to all members of meet2 that meet1 has been rescheduled because one member like B is common.

I have tried with AC Calendar bot and Meekan Bot but they only send notification to team members of same meeting which got rescheduled .


Kindly help us because it is our use case to be implemented .

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Best solution. Use outlook to schedule your meetings. Until they can get the calendar done and improved that’s how I train and tell people since it supports rescheduling. Room finder and all that. Just insert Teams meeting link and go. Not a lot of new training involved.

Hi @Chris Webb / All, do you happen to know how to send a notification to all team members or all members of a channel? I can't find the option to send a notification to the whole group only to individuals?



@teamname will notify all members of the team. You can use @channelname to do a channel but it’s not reliable as it relies on people having notifications turned on properly. If you cannot @mention the Team then an owner of the Team has unchecked the box in the @mention section of settings.

Thanks, @Chris Webb. I too found some of those options yesterday when playing around in the tool. It would be nice if the Exchange DLs were linked here too which could then also be used as adoption for the tool encouraging users who may not yet be using teams to be notified and enticed. I appreciate your quick response earlier. Regards, Tom

If they are in the Team and not using it. They will in fact by default “or should unless it’s bugged” send the members email that someone is trying to reach them when they get a chat or at mention which are both set to email by default (when not active) in teams.

@Chris Webb Yes, individuals works fine but ideally would be good to @exchangeDL and send to a group of people? This integration doesn't appear to be there - not sure if it's coming?

DL no. But there is a new tag feature where you can build a DL or subset of members in the Team. So if you have a company wide team. You can tag all your Managers per say and then @managers and it will tag that group. But again they must all be in the Team and tagged. There is not “global” tagging since they technically won’t be in your team to see it anyway.